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Last time I watched this movie with a good friend of mine, we jotted down our favorite quotes.Here they are and who said them (in no particular order):


*You're Crazy! Everyone in this whole place is crazy!
*I'm going to die of long hair!
*This sheep sucks! It's not going to win anything, it looks like it's about to die!
*Those mushrooms were FAR OUT!


*Huff Puff
*Huffiety Puffiety
*Creamy Dreamy
*I smell dog!
*Sheperdess makes quite a mess, but little lambs are lovely.
*What a creamy, dreamy girl -- tasty or what!?
*Oh boy... how did this get here?
*Can't the lion cuddle with the lamb? Can't the leopard rub out all it's spots?
*When I say rare, I mean, let it look at the oven in terror, then bring it out to me!
*Born to gorge! That's me.
*Wolfies only pretend to do naughty things.
*Goodness me! She must've hopped away!
*Oh,(recalling)the chic*kens*
*You saved my bacon!
*Yeah, well, my date's from a different dimension so don't slip up!
*Pert from the front .... and a vision from behind!
*All the right stuff, in all the right places! No doubt about it, I ... am ... in ... LOVE!
*No, she was begging for it. She was gagging for it. No, no I just meant they're very provocative, some of the girls. They know that a wolf--well, it's like thrusting a steak in front of a starving man. No, I didn't mean that either. I'm twisting everything I'm saying.
*Or what? Will you scream? That's what most people do when they see a wolf. Scream and scream and scream. What are you going to do? Stick it in me? That's what people do when there's a wolf about. Stick it, stab it, and smoke it out. They burnt my parents good. The good people. The nice farmers. They made a great big fire and burnt them both.
*Then one day this drop dead gorgeous prince come past and he stops. He thinks what a quirky girl. What a sweetie-pie. But she's frozen. Cold. She resists his every call with her frozen countenance and he realizes the only way he can melt this ice queen is to massage the life back into her soft creamy lips. Ah, With a kiss
*Baste it, roast it, toast it, nibble it, chew it, bite right threw it. Wobble it, Gobble it, wrap it around a couple of chickens and I am ravenous!
*Love of my life, let down your lustrous locks
*Well, you may not get hurt, but huff puff, you won't get loved either. (tanks pay pay)


*What is it with you people? What kind of twisted upbringing did you have? Why can't you just say; 'Oh, that'll be 100 gold coins.' No! It's gotta be, 'Not unless you lay a magic egg, or count the hairs on the giant's ass!'
*Frankie, John, Paul, George ... Ringo?
*You're a sick pervert, huh? You've done this before, haven't you?
*Do we have magnets in our pockets? How do we attract people like this?
*Couldn't find any wood? In a forest?
*Well, how sweet, German speaking mice!
*Say hello to Benny!
*Murray, I'm going to take your wife out and buy her some .... underwear.
*You know what, if it helps, go ahead. Have a nice long hate, I'm used to it!
* Come on Prince, time for walkies! (submitted from Ashley F.)
* Its time for the well of fortune! (submitted from Foxy Lady)

Prince Wendell Imposter and Real

*He'll have her on her back before you can say, 'Happy Ever After'.
*She will come back completly dishevled.
*Big bone .... big bone
*No, I have to urinate. I must go straight away, otherwise, it's a leg lifter!
*Any chance for a little biscut?
*Wh..wh..where's my tail gone?
*Must ... find ... bones.
*Roalty always excels at gambling. What are you staring at? Shouldn't we get to the auction?


*I got some dwarf moss, it'll really blow you minds. Last time I took some, I saw faries for three days.
*Walk the catwalk
*I think she shrunk us ... and put us in a matchbox inside her pocket
*Get a grip on yourself! How can we be in a matchbox, you idiot ..... where are all the matches?
*Suck an Elf!
*Nicey nice!
*Lookee look!
*The mythical 10th Kingdom
*Talked of ... only in myth!

Evil Queen

*I hope you like dogs, Wendell. You're going to spend the rest of your life as one.
*I must say, I am most surprised to see you.
*Anyone for seconds? No?
*You do this properly tonight, and you can have any bitch in town.
*Their intelligence and bravery quiet take my breath away.
*There are no masters here, only one mistress.
*Yes, and had you arrived two hours earlier, you would've found me, poisoning the apples. Poison is something of a science for me, and I seem to have timed it just right.
*Come come, Prince Wendell, you don't greet people on all fours, do you?
*When she was finally caught, they heated a pair of iron red-hot slippers and made her dance at Snow White's wedding. She crawled out into the snow, dragging her raw, blistered, useless feet into a swamp nearby, this broken women, was once the fairest of them all. But she kept her mirrors, and searched for a successor, and that of course was me! I will finish her work, and distroy the House of White forever, and pity the fool who tries to stand up to me!

Sally Peep

*My name's Sally Peep, I'm a Shepherdess.
*It's my 18th birthday today, bet you can't guess what going to happen to me tonight.
*What's that sticking out of the back of your trosers? Down there in the back? It's quiet a buldge!
*Why you little goblin, don't you dare.
*If my door wasn't locked, I'd be scared you'd come into my house, and huff and puff, and blow all my clothes off!
*Tough luck, hard cheese, Sally is the winner.
*'Spect I'll win, then won't I?

The Huntsman

*I know your destiny. You ask a question and die before it's answered.
* I grew up in this forest. I was still a forrester when the Queen came to my villiage. She stopped her hunting party to water the horses, and then she called me forward. She showed me this. (Pulls out crossbow) And said, "Once an arrow leaves this crossbow, the bolt will not stop until it has hit the heart of a living being, it cannot miss." So, I asked her what I could do to win the magic crossbow and she said, "Just spin around, fire wherever you wish and it will be yours." So I did. The bolt left the bow like gossamar, sped a mile into the trees and killed a boy who was playing. I remember the Queen's face as I pulled the arrow from my son's heart and she said, "You will be my Huntsman."
* Nothing escapes the Huntsman

Magic Birds

*Because you help us, we will help you again, but this really has to be the last time, you're such a lot of trouble!
*Please set me free, I have 6 little babies waiting to be fed, they're starving to death without me.
*Do not dispair, I know how to cut your hair. Deep in the forest there is a woodsman with a magic ax, that once swung, never fails to cut whatever it hits. And it will cut your hair and cure the curse.
*I know where Virginia is. She is in a tree, that's not a tree. In a place, that's not a place.

Singing Ring
* How I long to linger, on your sweetheart's finger.
* I will laugh and chuckle, on your girlies knuckle.
* I'll be sweet and fresh, wrapped around her flesh.
* You're the luckiest man in the land, for you've got a singing ring in your hand
*You're the luckiest girl in the land for we've got a beautiful wedding planned.
*What's happening to me? I cannot see.
*You cannot win her, you cannot chose her, you are just a hopeless loser!
* There's no doubt and there's no maybe, the three of us are having a baby.


*I can make you break rocks with your teeth, for a 100 years!
*Look you little prison princess, throw that garbage into that boat, and if you don't, I will push you into the river and as you're connected by leg irons to your comrads, they will also, sadly, drown.
*Quite a lot of fun actually. You could say it is the reason for my existance.
*My Father, now he was an idiot. I'm still a half wit.
*Don't touch me there! Only my girlfriend touches me there!


* Gypsy Queen: Strech it, twist it, make it grow. Like a river, make it flow. Make it pull and pinch and tweak. Make it grow 'til she grows weak. Make her moan and scream and cry. Make her wish that she would die!
* Tony:(reading) Stick a finger in my mouth then turn around 'til you face south. Touch a thing that you would prize and you will not believe your eyes. Here is magic to behold, all that glitters, can be, gold.
* Virginia: Buddy you're a lamb, make a nig, bleat. Playin in the fields gonna be a big, lamb some day. You got wool on your face, you big discrace. Waving your fleece all over the place, singing we will we will sheer you. Sing it! (audience looks up at her and pauses. Then the whole town is stomping to the beat)
Buddy you're a young ewe look at you, playing in the fields gonna be a big ram some day, You got wool on your face, you big discrace. Waving your fleece all over the place. Singing we will, we will, sheer you!
* Tony: Picked up a boy, just south of mobile. Gave him a ride, filled him with a hot meal. I was 16, he was 21, Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves. We heard it from the people in the town they called us, Gypsies, Tramps and Theives. But evey night, the men would come around, and lay their money down.
Virginia:(reading) For Seven men, she gave her life, for one good man, she was his wife. Beneath the ice, by Snow White Falls, there lies the fairest of them all.


*Acorn: So, what are you in for?
Tony: Uhh, A pretty serious bank robbery. Couple people got hurt ... but that's the way it goes. And you?
Acorn: Aggravated Assult. I'm very easily aggrivated.

*Clayface: Do you like carving?
Tony: Well not like flesh or anything

*Tony: Do you hear that? It sounds like "A Whiter Shade of Pale"
(Animal howls in the distance)
Virginia: No, that's an animal howling.
Tony:What animal can skip the lite fandango and (sings) turn cartwheels cross the floor. Boy, you don't get lyrics like that anymore.
Virginia:Come on, it's not too late to turn back.
Tony:No, no no! Let's continue on, at least until the end of side one.

Virginia: Gustav, we need to ask you a question!
Gustav: Eh?
Tony:A Question! About traveling mirrors?
Gustav: An answer only will I chime when questions asked are put in rhyme.
Librarian: All early mirrors talk in verse.
Tony:: Were there, any traveling mirrors made, that could help us with our escapade?
Virginia: Escapade?
Gustav: Three fine mirrors that were made, to make them such a price was paid.
Tony: Where are the other two?
Gustav: Eh?
Virginia: Um. Our mirror smashed, what can we do? Where the hell are the other two?
Gustav: Mirror one, shattered be, by an oaf called Antony. Mirror two is on a bed, with barnacles upon it's head.
Tony: Barancles?
Virginia: The sea bed!
Librarian: Yes, one fell into the Great Northern Sea, I think you can safely discount that one.
Gustav: What you seek, has not been seen, since it was stolen, by the queen.
Tony:: Very helpful you have been, just tell us where we can find the queen.
Gustav: Near she is, but not alone. In a place that's not her home. In a castle out of sight, where once the Queen was called, Snow White.

*Queen: Do you know who you are?
Dog Prince: Can I have a busciut?
Queen: You are not a dog. You are prince Wendell. Ruler of the 4th Kingdom
Dog Prince: Prince Wendell lover Buscuits! (submitted by RogueJewy)

And my personal favorite: "The Prince Alertness Test"

*Tony: Look at him, I've killed him.
Wolf: It was a simple goldfiger mistake Tony, it was almost predictible. I wouldn't worry about him too much. Things here have a way of bouncing back.
Tony: Really? You're not just saying that?
Wolf: I'm afraid I am just saying that. Watch this simple Prince Alertness Test; (picks up a stick) Come on Prince, come on, (throws stick) Fetch!
Tony: That's not funny!
Wolf: It'll get funnier if we keep on doing it.

If you have one you think I should post, e-mail it to me!


This page is dedicated to my good friend, Nicole Minden. She helped me out with this page and deserves the credit. She has also given me support in my story, and I hope one day I will be able to add hers onto this site, should she decide to write one. Thanks a lot Nicole! :-) You're a great friend and inspiration!!



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